Wedding Attire at Jade Boutique

So, you’re attending a wedding and you need to look simply amazing for your loved ones. Start right here, come and see us today and let us help you find your perfectly unique look – Jade Boutique

We carry a gorgeous selection of seasonal outfits, carefully selected to offer different designs that are always unique. Many chain store outfits have become repetitive and here at Jade Boutique, we understand that you want to arrive in something that is not only unique, but simply stunning and indisputably sophisticated.

Whether you are the Mum of the Bride or Groom, or just attending a wedding as a guest, we carry a selection of beautiful outfits, jackets and dresses that can easily be worn again for other events. Slightly more relaxed and less formal, but perfectly made and unique to our area meaning you are guaranteed to look your best.

Our hats, Fascinators and matching bags are very reasonably priced for elegance with a modern value, and can be ordered in various matching colours to complete your look without overspending. Our Rainbow Club shoes can be colour dyed to match your outfit, meaning you can get everything under one roof.

Our stock outfits are carefully selected each season, which means the earlier you come to see us the more choice you have, because when it’s gone, it’s gone! If you have an event coming up such as a work’s Christmas dinner or party, or if you are going to the races, we really do have a wide selection of outfits perfect for every event. Please stop by Jade Boutique @ Rococo Weddings any time to browse our latest collections.

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